The EMISSION Network aims to monitor air quality in the greater area of Athens and to provide free real-time public information, with the aim of protecting citizens from exposure to harmful pollutants.

The EMISSION network seeks to:

  • expand the existing air pollution monitoring infrastructure in Athens and improve its spatial density and representativeness, a task which is addressed with the operation of new monitoring sites
  • utilize new measurement technologies for smart cities, which are based on advanced sensor technology and provide the ability to reliably monitor air pollution levels and their variations, at a high temporal and spatial scale, with low-cost as well as with low-energy and data volume requirements
  • inform citizens continuously and in an intelligible manner (visualization of information using GIS and air quality color indicators), in order to protect them from excessive exposure
  • provide increased capabilities to local authorities (Region, Regional Units, Municipalities) in order to inform and safeguard the health and well-being of their citizens. This task is reinforced by the specific network design through the appropriate spatial allocation of monitoring sites
  • support decision making and strategic planning of the State Authorities for the Environment and Public Health